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Technical writing service.

I make security information actionable!

Are you a vendor of security products who needs to get your message across? May be you have some security policies or procedures to write. Or perhaps, you are an entrepreneur who needs someone to convert the novel features of his invention into compelling writing. You have come to the write place. I am the Security Writer. My experience in the security industry is broad and deep ranging from ISO 27001 implementations to conducting forensic investigations. In addition, I help design security related training programs, write news letters and revise dated and boring policy manuals.

The Actionable Advantage

What does it mean to make information actionable? It means that users get the critical messages you want them to get. For instance you can repeat ad nauseam your guideline about not sharing passwords but still not stop password leaks. However, to ensure that people get the message, you add scenarios such as asking your audience whether they will reveal their password to their boss. This generates discussion and helps clarify company policy.

Many people mistakenly believe that making a document easy-to-read makes it actionable. They believe that by using short or simple words, or having a paragraph convey only a single idea and using numbered steps, they have done all they need to do to make a document easy-to-read, and therefore actionable. This, however, is still not enough for information to be actionable. There are many other pieces, such as crucial warning messages in a procedure that could be ignored on the way to simplification. For example, a procedure for issuing a laptop to a user would include a warning about removing old userr accounts but should also include a warning about wiping freespace and the page file.

Please see the "How I Work" page for more details on my process.