Getting Google+ Authorship to work on your WordPress blog or website

if you run a blog or website, you could be forgiven for thinking that Google author is the next best thing to sliced bread. The problem is that with WordPress version 3.6, there is no way to enter a Google author URL or id. I spent countless hours searching the settings of my blog without success. I mentioned my frustration to Megarush who told me about how WordPress had decided not to put in the Google author related options into version 3.6. The Google author related options were incorporated into plugins. Some more searching led me to the following post which explains how Google author is to be enabled.
How to Implement Verified Google+ Authorship on Your WordPress Website

I searched for “google author” and found the plugin called “Google author+ Plugin” by Dan Taylor. I installed and activated it. I went into my WordPress profile and added my Google+ profile id.

I then tried the structured data tool to test if my blog had been associated with my Google+ profile. No go. Google was unable to retrieve any authorship information from my blog.

After a significant bit of head scratching and keyboard pounding I concluded that I needed something to populate the meta tags of my previous blog posts. The Google+ Author plugin just added my profile id to WordPress. There was no mention of it adding Meta information to posts that were already made on the blog.

the solution was the plugin called Single Author G+ META. Once I had installed, activated and configured it, Google reported that Google+ authorship was working.

when implementing Google+ authorship for your blog, do ensure that you add meta information to the posts that you have already made.

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