Getting your contacts back in Outlook 2013 after iCloud synchronization

I had had the iCloud control panel installed for sometime but had not sined in. I wanted to get my Outlook calendar appointments on to my iPhone so was forced to synchronize my contacts, calendars and tasks.

Apple, please give me a choice of what to synchronize.

I let the synchronization finish and then looked at my contacts folder.

My regular contacts folder was blank. All the contacts had been moved to the iCloud contacts folder.

There were all kinds of instructions showing me how to asociate my iCloud contacts folder with Outlook such that it became my regular addressbook. I did not want any of that. I wanted my contacts back. One of the most agrovating things about the iCloud contacts folder is that it is not possible to address a message from it. There are none of the “to”, “cc” buttons that I am used to. Moreover, when I hit alt+. in the “to” field of a message, I am unable to search for a contact.

I finally found a way to move my contacts back to the regular contacts folder using the keyboard. My thanks to Diane Poremsky who indicated that this was possible.

Yes, I prefer using the keyboard.

  1. I navigated to the iCloud contacts folder using the treeview invoked by hitting ctrl+y in Outlook 2013.
  2. I hit ctrl+shift+end to select all the contacts.
  3. I then hit the windows key to activate the context menu.
  4. I navigated to the “other folders” option using the arrow keys.
  5. I was able to navigate to my regular contacts folder.
  6. I then hit ctrl+v to paste the contacts back.

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Raspberry PI video streaming: a note on resolution

I wanted to use my raspberry pi model B as a video camera. A search lead me to the following 2 links.
Remote Motion-Activated Web-Based Surveillance with Raspberry Pi
for a good overview of the process.
href=””>Raspberry Pi as low-cost HD surveillance camera
for details on installing motion and camera housing.

One of the things I had to do was to stream the video at a sufficiently high resolution so that it was useful to my end user. Most articles on the Internet tell you that this is a trial and error thing. This is correct. There were times when I just wanted a set of values to try. The maximum resolution I have been able to achieve is 640 by 480 pixels. Anything higher appears to make motion restart constantly. I am streaming at 8 frames per second.

As for viewing the stream, I am using Firefox.

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