Using the keyboard to create a contact group in Microsoft Outlook 2013

Many times, you would be in a situation where you need to communicate with a group of people. Addressing a message to this group is made simple by using contact groups. A contact group is a mechanism that allows you to combine a number of contacts into one. You place the group in the “to” field of a message and the e-mail is sent to everyone. Be warned, all the recipient addresses are visible therefore it is better to blind carbon copy the recipients by placing the name of the contact group in the “bcc” field. The approach below is a keyboard centric way of creating contact groups. Most other tutorials focus on using the mouse.

  1. Launch outlook.
  2. Go to the ribbon by tapping the alt key; navigate to the entry called “new items”. It is in the new group.
  3. Expand it by pressing the right arrow key.
  4. Arrow down to the “more items” entry and expand it by using the right arrow key.
  5. Arrow down to contact group and press enter.
  6. You will be in a dialog box where you can enter the name of the group. Do so.
  7. Press the tab key once to reach the members list box.
  8. Activate the ribbon and navigate to the item called “add members” It is in the Members group.
  9. Expand that group.
  10. Choose the source from where you are adding a member. I chose the source called “from outlook contacts”.
  11. You will be in the contacts folder. You can search for contacts here.
  12. Once you have found a contact you want to add, tab to the “member” button and press it.
  13. Repeat steps 11 and 12 until you have added all the contacts you want.
  14. Once you have finished, navigate to the ribbon, choose “save and close”, answer in the affirmative to prompts asking you if you want to save.

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